How to locate a person by phone number

Do you get annoying calls from the same phone number, or does your husband or wife receive calls late in the day from an unknown subscriber? Do you want to know who is behind all of that? Read this article to learn the ways to locate a caller.

How to track a subscriber by mobile phone number?

You can locate a subscriber not only to find out exactly where s/he is calling you or your soulmate from. Concerned parents or users worried about their elderly relatives often seek to remotely monitor device geolocations. In all these cases, MobiTracker is a great tool that can help the users to locate a person of their interest.

Our application lets users do the following things:

  • To detect geographical coordinates of device with cellular service in real time;
  • To track a subscriber's travel routes, visited addresses and duration of stops;
  • To identify common stops such as a workplace and a home address by where s/he spends most of the time;
  • To get the travel history of tracked mobile device or phone.

Moreover, MobiTracker allows the users to control travel history of their company’s employees during business hours, and displays their current location at all times.

Once you have launched the monitoring session for the first time and found the subscriber of your interest by phone number via offered application, information about subscriber will be saved on your Dashboard. Thanks to this feature, you can get the travel history of device with the target number.

The section Travel History displays an individual map for each specified mobile phone along with the GPS coordinates and the corresponding time stamps. This allows you to save or print a travel route map of a subscriber of your interest at any needed time.

Using MobiTracker for Locating a Person?

To find a subscriber by phone number, you don't need any third party applications or certain technical data. You can monitory a subscriber's activity in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Log in to MobiTracker. You can log in to the application via social networks or create an account which is not linked to any other accounts. 

Step 2

Specify a phone number of a target subscriber in international format on the main application page (choose a subscriber's country code in the drop-down list on the left) and press the button «Search». 

Step 3

The software automatically collects required data. The tool is fully operational and ready to be launched on the remote server. Pressing the button «Search» will activate the software and it will work according to the implemented algorythm. 

Step 4

Data collection process takes about 3 to 15 minutes depending on server load. During this time you can monitor the working process or do your own things.

Tracking Subscriber's Location
Step 5

All the tracked phone numbers and locations are available on the Dashboard, in the section Active Numbers. Online application is compatible with all the device types and works on all the platforms.

Step 6

Software launch does not require preliminary setup of target device. The device is controlled in hidden mode and mobile phone operates normally. Subscriber won't notice that his location is being monitored as the messages and notifications won't be sent to the specified mobile phone number.

The MobiTracker application exploits the information received by a mobile device during data exchange with the Global Positioning System. In other words, the interaction of cell phones and navigation satellites can be explained as follows: device coordinates are determined based on the time during which the signal coming from the phone reaches the satellite, and the signal level in accordance with the data of the nearest antennas of cellular operator.

Measurement error margin can be around 50 m in a remote location far from the mobile company towers. In a city with operators' antennas being located everywhere and the signal radius from one of them partially overlapping the coverage area of the other towers, the measurement error does not exceed 3 m.

The application creates the travel routes of the targeted subscribers on the basis of these operator data received from the mobile device. That is, if the person of your interest is an average urban resident whose travel route does not get out of a mobile operator's coverage area, you will receive a person's travel history with an error margin of not more than 3 m.

The Performance of MobiTracker

Our application can struggle to find a subscriber by phone number only if the target device is switched off. Even in this case the software will be able to locate the last phone location or the coordinates recorded before switching off the device. Once the gadget will be switched on, our application will continue tracking process.

Alternative Ways of Tracking Mobile Devices

There are many ways to find a person by phone number such as mobile operator applications, official software available in the AppStore and GooglePlay, built-in Google and Apple services. But all of them require either subscriber's consent or access to his accounts in iCloud or Google. If you want to discreetly track the travel routes of a close relative, a child, a colleague or an employee, such the methods will be inappropriate.

MobiTracker allows a user to discreetly locate a subscriber by a phone number as well as find out his daily travel routes and schedule. This software is a great option for the users who need to discreetly monitor one's travel routes.