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General Issues

How MobiTracker works?

This software exploits common vulnerability of the mobile networks to establish the extent of interaction with basic station and define a source of incoming signal. These parameters allow a user to locate a device with cellular network.

How to launch and set up MobiTracker?

To run the software, a user should specify subscriber’s phone number and launch monitoring session. This software does not require preliminary setup and installation of the applications to a target device.

How compatible is this software with different devices?

To activate remote monitoring, target device should have a cellular communication module only. Cellular communication modules can be typically found in the old-style mobile phones, smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows as well as some models of tablets and laptops.

How compatible is this software with mobile operators?

Over 96% of mobile connection providers use a single protocol SS7 for data transfer. It means that most of mobile operators worldwide experience the vulnerability-related issues.

Do I need permission to launch MobiTracker?

The software is ready for launch and it does not require confirmation and notification from the device owner. What comes to the legal side of software use, users have a right to track the devices they’ve purchased for the loved ones and employees. Otherwise the users should check the current legislation of country they are residing in.

Can a device owner spot the activity of MobiTracker?

Monitoring session is activated remotely and runs discreetly from a device owner. Device of any kind will normally function without notifying of geodata transfer.

Locating a Device

How long will it take from the software to locate a user?

Monitoring session usually takes about 10 minutes. However, operating speed of software may slightly vary depending on target location, network load and equipment version of mobile operator.

How accurately can MobiTracker detect GPS coordinates?

In the trial version of software, user location is detected at the regional level. Funding an account and activating the full version of software, a user will be able to determine geolocation with the maximum error margin of 5 sq. m.

How to precisely locate a subscriber?

Obtained value of GPS coordinates of a target device is automatically correlated with a map of area. This means that having launched the session, a user will not only able to locate a subscriber on a map, but also detect the exact location address.

How does the software create the travel routes?

Once the software is launched, it will automatically detect the location of each tracked device once per every 300 seconds. Based on this data, the software will create the travel routes and save them on the Dashboard.

How will disabling location services affect the work of MobiTracker?

The software successfully locates a subscriber regardless of the activity of geolocation services. This feature is due to the way software interacts with the protocol of mobile operator.

Finding a Device

What devices can MobiTracker search for?

Our software is compatible with any type of device, regardless of a manufacturer or a model. Device should have a cellular module. Most smartphones, tablets, laptops, some models of watches and other types of smart gadgets are equipped with such a module therefore our customers usually can easily locate a device of their interest.

How do services Apple Locator and Google Search affect the work of software?

MobiTracker will successfully locate the device even if the embedded services have not been activated. This feature is due to the unique operating algorithms.

When will I be able to locate the device?

MobiTracker will always successfully locate the device apart from cases when a SIM card or a battery has been removed. In this case, a user will be able to determine the last location of device with online status.

What notifications will device generate when radar is activated?

When you activate the search and tracking feature, the device continues to operate in normal mode neither displaying any notifications nor generating additional signals.

How does geographical location affect device search?

MobiTracker performance depends on location density and power of main stations. Thus, in urban areas, the accuracy of GPS coordinates will be at the highest level.

Parental Control

What parental control features does MobiTracker have?

The software can instantly locate your loved ones as well as track actual travel routes in online mode.

Do I need permission to launch MobiTracker?

A user neither needs to setup the software prior its use nor a consent to its launch. If you have bought and are currently owning the device, you don’t need to inform the target of launching event. In all other cases, users should familiarize themselves with the current legislation of the country they are residing in.

How many devices can I track at once?

On the Dashboard, each profile allows to simultaneous monitor up to five devices from different categories. If you wish to track more devices, please create and register several profiles.

How can I use information about Wi-Fi access points?

In urban areas, each device keeps finding available networks on the go. MobiTracker keeps track of the names of suggested networks and connection times. Based on this information, you can get additional data about the location and social networking of the user of your interest.

Replenishing the Balance

Where can I find information about the cost of your services and payment methods?

You will find all necessary information regarding the cost of our services, current promotions and payment methods in the section Pricing Plans.

How should I address any payment issues?

Should you have any questions related to payments, please write us email at [email protected].

How will I benefit from replenishing my account with cryptocurrency?

Using cryptocurrency to replenish your account will ensure additional anonymity. Cryptocurrency can be sent to generated address which is not linked to your personal profile. Moreover, cryptocurrency payments are not subjected to any taxes and performed instantly.

Affiliate Program

How can I earn money by promoting MobiTracker?

When you create a profile in the Dashboard, we automatically assign an affiliate link, which is necessary for further promotion. Post the link wherever potential users can see it. You can post the link on various websites, blogs and forums. Use special promotion databases and contextual advertising. Share the affiliate link on various channels like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and in the social networks like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

How much can I earn being an affiliate program member?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 250 USD. There is no maximum withdrawal amount as everything depends on how efficient certain campaign will be. The cost of average bill is 90 USD to ensure steady source of income and substantial earnings.

How can I use my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings in the section Affiliate Program available in the Dashboard. You can also use your earnings to partially or completely pay for the services offered by MobiTracker.

The Dashboard

How can I benefit from registering in the Dashboard?

The trial version of MobiTracker can be used for free and without registration. However, registering your profile in the Dashboard, you will be able to simultaneously monitor up to five accounts from different categories as well as track travelling routes and stops and control Wi-Fi access points and social network.

How to edit the wrongly specified phone number?

If you happened to launch MobiTracker with wrongly specified number, just remove unwanted session from the Active Phone Numbers section located in the Dashboard.

How to remove my personal data from the website?

Administration does not store, use or analyse any information provided by the users. You can independently delete all personal, traceable and billing information from the website. Just open the Dashboard and go to the Profile section.