Encrypting and Storing Data

The maximum degree of anonymity can be reached only by complying with all recommendations.

Anonymity During Payment

Full data confidentiality during payments is ensured thanks to proven payment tools – with bitcoin as the best option. It's a digital currency based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin is decentralized and control via cryptographic methods.

Encrypting and Storing Data

To ensure maximum privacy, all three types of data undergo processing with an end-to-end encryption algorithm. The processed information is stored on a remote server unrelated to this website and MobiTracker. Thanks to cryptographic techniques data can be both encrypted and fully protected against accidental or intentional changes.To protect your information, please store your authorization password in a safe place (in case of loss, you won't be able to recover it).

To improve security, you must follow these guidelines:

  • When composing your password, use a character set that includes special characters ("*%@") as well as both lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • At signing up with MobiTracker, use a new e-mail or an e-mail you never used before.
  • Press the "Exit" button every time immediately after an archive is downloaded (it is located in the upper right corner).
  • Encrypt your traffic when connecting to our service via public Wi-Fi network (use VPN).
  • Delete cookies and clear your browser history every time after using this service.

Monitoring with 100% Anonymity:

This tool can be launched directly from your Dashboard. There is no need to download something or configure additional settings.

The highest user anonymity can be reached only by complying with all recommendations. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, we can eliminate the leak of confidential user data.