Affiliate Program

We launched our own affiliate program to let our customers use the Mobile Tracker service for free. Becoming a partner is very simple. Just register an account on the Dashboard and you will get a unique branch identifier and an affiliate link. Once a client has followed your link and registered an account on the Dashboard, you will receive bonus earnings. You can use the Dashboard to track the clicks and signups related to your affiliate link.

How It Works?

A visitor clicks on the affiliate link on your website or in email. We will pay you not only for the first click, but also if visitors complete the process. This even works if the cookies are disabled in the client’s browser. A customer can even visit our website a few months after receipt of the referral and the click will still be tracked.
Your affiliate link

After registration you will be assigned a unique affiliate link.

ID number

Your affiliate link will be assigned along with individual token

Post the link

using Internet resources, website, blogs, social networks and forums, and share the link with your friends and acquaintances.

  • • Youtube
  • • Social networks
  • • Comments
  • • Websites
Clicking on the Link

When a user clicks on the link, the service detects this click and assigns a unique identifier..

  • • Profile registration and balance replenishments are reflected on the Dashboard.
Track the Statistics

Once your bonus earnings reach a single payment limit, they will be automatically transferred to your account.

  • • You can use your earnings to pay for the services.

Bonuses for the Best Affiliates

To facilitate the work of our partners, we offer all the necessary tools on the Dashboard of campaign. In addition, each partner, who has earned over 3 efficiency points, will be assigned a personal manager. The manager can suggest the best promotion options based on your performance.