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This software is just great. I quickly learned how to use it. I am not an expert, but I think that everyone can learn how to use it.
google  29.03.2020 в 09:56

So far, I had only positive experience using this website. Nowadays, everyone needs some good software for hidden monitoring. You really get peace of mind only knowing what your loved ones are up to when they are away. I think that tools like this one are going to be trendy for the next five years to say the least.
tw  23.03.2020 в 22:51

This is a great software. It neither requires rooting nor firmware. Will we ever be able to read SMS because I feel that it will require similar algorithm or how do you feel about it? I think that this one will be about doing similar work with the systems of mobile operators.
google  28.02.2020 в 21:53
This feature is currently under development and will be available soon.
  28.02.2020 в 23:15

I am using the software already for some time, but monitoring sessions seem to freeze after I updated the software last summer. It is inconvenient, and I hope that you are going to fix this issue soon.
fb  24.02.2020 в 04:48
These issues are caused by the problems on the part of the server solution provider. This issue will be resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
  24.02.2020 в 10:38

I already used this software many times to find my phone. It’s good that my friends recommended this app back then. It’s a great find for a person whose things always get forgotten and lost somewhere.
google  22.02.2020 в 20:41

I have two teens and tried almost all the monitoring solutions, but every application has own flaws. MobiTracker has solved many problems so now I use this app every day.
fb  16.02.2020 в 00:57

Please separately specify the pricing plans and single rates. I only want to track a location once. I neither need to see the travel routes nor control Wi-Fi. Please sort out this issue otherwise this software is getting way too expensive to use!
google  15.02.2020 в 05:16

Hi! My new iPhone was stolen from my car. I haven’t even managed to activate or unpack it! So, it doesn’t have SIM card yet. Can I search it by IMEI? If your software can do it, it would be just great because it took me many months to save money and be able to buy this phone!
fb  13.02.2020 в 20:24
Unfortunately, it is technically not possible to search inactive device by IMEI. If you have a receipt or a cheque left, please contact Apple Customer Service to block the stolen device.
  14.02.2020 в 09:42

This is a very high-quality software that is totally worth of its price. Usually, such apps cost much more and are sold via private sources.
instagram  04.02.2020 в 16:33

This is the best spyware I was lucky to find. Most apps of this kind require installation and you really need to get into much trouble to locate a phone. Many apps do not even work on iPhone, are easy to detect and cost way more so are not even worthy to talk about. It’s just a pity that your company doesn’t offer monthly subscriptions. It’s not so convenient to buy several sessions every time.
mail  03.02.2020 в 01:10

I cannot withdraw my earnings from the Dashboard because the button “Withdraw Funds” is disabled!
instagram  30.01.2020 в 02:15
The minimum withdrawal amount of the affiliate earnings is 250 USD. You don’t have enough funds in your account therefore you cannot complete this operation.
  30.01.2020 в 09:33

I decided to write a review. I think that it will be interesting for many. I just launched the software to locate my son’s phone number. He is a 13 years old teen. Now I have my peace of mind because I instantly managed to stop him from communicating with two so-called ”friends”. Especially I like the fact that I can locate the Wi-Fi points he is in. It’s very convenient. I have already launched this app for more than three times and will most certainly use it again. I recommend you start offering monthly subscriptions because it’s not so convenient to pay for the services every single time you decide to use the software.
tw  25.01.2020 в 05:44

Wow, what a software, it is so easy to launch! It took me only an hour to work my way around this app even though I was buying Bitcoins for the first time in my life and it took me some effort to do it. I would like to ask the administrators to provide more detailed instruction for buying the cryptocurrency because I had to figure it all out totally on my own.
fb  17.01.2020 в 00:40
We are happy to hear that you enjoy using MobiTracker. The ways of buying cryptocurrency can significantly vary depending on a buyer’s location and used currency pair. Therefore, it is not possible to create a single user guide that would work equally well in USA, India and Russia since different countries use different ways of regulating the cryptocurrency industry.
  17.01.2020 в 10:31

Everything works well, but application doesn’t detect the location correctly. That’s not cool when it points the location a few blocks too far. You had to warn users about it that’s why I am giving you only 4/5.
google  12.01.2020 в 02:07

I have two teen kids: a son and a daughter. With every passing year it is more difficult to check what they are up to! Happily, a friend of mine and a mother of 15 years old daughter told me about this app. Then my husband and I found more information about MobiTracker on the Internet. We are using this app for the 3rd month in a row. It is so easy to use! I finally got my peace of mind!
mail  02.01.2020 в 03:57

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